Friday, August 14, 2009

USB Hacks ( Hardware )

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Have you ever thought of making a night lamp or a simple table fan powered by a USB port?

By taking some scrap and little bit of work, numerous useful objects can be made, but firstly you need a usb cable.
These come pretty cheap at your local computer hardware store, getting a 5 meter wire will be more than enough. Check if the USB pins are provided, most of the times it is there but sometimes due to some defect it is possible that a pin might be missing. If there are missing pins, get the cable replaced, or buy some pins.

Now lets get started.

1. Cut the USB cable into half.
2. With a wire stripper, take out the insulation, and foil wrap to expose the four internal wires, it will be something like the image shown below.

We are only concerned with the red and the black wires, the other two are data wires. Use the wires and connect them to an array of LED's for a lamp or connect to a motor and use old CD's to make blades for a Fan.

Invent your very own devices, use your creativity to do stuff.


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Great 'make it yourself' stuff

take a look at:

it has many such general ideas

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