Thursday, August 13, 2009

Remote commands via TweetMyPC

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For some reason you have stepped away from the workstation, or let us say you are AFK (Away From Keyboard) and you suddenly remember that some of the windows currently open contain confidential information which you don't want to share with anyone at all. What do you do now ? Going back is not an option.

This kind of situation might put us in a bad corner sometimes, but now we have a solution, TweetMyPC.

This handy app is connected to you account and keeps checking for status updates on twitter every minute. TweetMyPC required credentials to a gmail account as well, to send you file list, process list, etc.

Following are the commands that can be typed at the twitter status:
  • shutdown: Shuts down your PC
  • reboot: Reboots PC
  • lock: Lock PC
  • standby: PC on standby mode.
  • hibernate: PC on hibernate mode
  • screenshot: Take screen shot and send link
  • getprocesslist: Send process list to gmail
  • kill : Kill process
  • download : Download url
  • getfilelist : Get list of files from drive
  • getfile : Send specified file to gmail

You may think if you have access to another computer to do all this, then might as well use one of those remote desktop tools. Well, I'd say you are not wrong TweetMyPC may not be able to accomplish certain things that might be done by remote desktop, like watching a movie that's stored on your computer while you are away (beats me why anyone would do this kind of stuff). My point here is you could use a 64kbps connection with TweetMyPC.

But what if you can't find a machine?

Twitter allows commands to be sent by mail or SMS to change your status, which means you don't need a computer, even a cell phone will do the trick.

I'll make a post on how to update twitter by SMS soon.


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