Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twitter with SMS

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To update Twitter via SMS, you'll need to add your phone number to your Twitter account, and verify it.

1. Go to (you'll need to log in)
2. Add your phone number in the form provided.
3. Follow the instructions provided to verify your phone.

Once your phone is verified, you send updates via sms by sending your 140-character message to Twitter's SMS number.
- If you're in the US, send to 40404
- If you're in Canada, send to 21212
- If you're in India, send to 5566511
- If you're not in any of the three above, send to the UK long code +447624801423

Twitter doesn't charge anything for this, but standard text messaging rates or bundles may apply from your carrier. If you use your mobile in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or New Zealand you can also receive tweets via SMS. You can text "OFF" to stop receiving and "ON" to start again.


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