Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Software review - Digeus Registry Cleaner

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Over a period of time after installing Windows on our computers, we find that the loading time of windows has increased, copying a movie takes more time than drinking tea, most of these problems have their origins in the registry.

We install a lot of softwares after formatting and uninstall them when we don't need it, this process makes the registry filled with junk or invalid values which were not removed during the uninstall. These affect the performance of your computer, often drastically. All you need to boost your computers performance is a utility to remove these errors.

Digeus boasts of some features that are not available with most other registry service tools.
Features of Digeus Registry Cleaner

  • Slow Boot up
  • Longer Machine Response Time
  • Unexpected System Crashes
  • BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) - My personal favorite
  • Unresponsive System
  • Slower Internet Browser Response
  • Slow Start Up of Your Favorite Software

Digeus Registry Cleaner scans, locates, cleans and optimizes the following registry entries:
  • Missing shared dlls, unused file extensions, files and folders that no longer point to the correct objects
  • Invalid application paths, start-up programs or missing shortcut references that take time when start-up or shutdown PC
  • Invalid ActiveX & COM that no longer point to the correct controls
  • Invalid installer references that are no longer used or have been moved.

It also has an option to backup registry before a scan, and restore it at some other time if need be. The user interface is simple and straight forward, there aren't any confusing options. One of the feature I loved in this tool was the ability to prevent BSOD.

If you are someone who regularly downloads and installs softwares for checking them out, or for temporary use, or you are just a casual computer user, this product will be useful to you as long as you have a computer.

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