Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Repair your Windows XP system online with Reimage

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Most of us who use Windows XP, often find that compared to when we had just installed Windows XP, after a period of time the system tends to get slower. This slowdown is often attributed to missing or damaged system files, another cause might be virus infections. There are many tools out there which allow you to enhance the system after such a slowdown, Reimage is one of them, but whats unique about this is, its completely online.

How does it work ?
Reimage works by downloading a client with your permission and scanning the system by certain predefined parameters, when it finds something like missing or damaged system files, it downloads system files from its server and replaces the damaged ones. A virus check is also done and necessary changes are done to undo the damage done by the virus. This process may be compared to the System Restore function in Windows XP, barring the user settings or applications are not affected.

Reimage comes bundled with another application called Reimage PC Booster, which tracks the applications you are currently working with and speeds them up. A system tray tooltip informs which application is being currently boosted. It also tracks the mouse movements, predicting the next application you will you and boosts it.

Where do I get Reimage?
You can download the Reimage client at


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