Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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For all of you looking for some more eye-candy for your Windows desktop, here another cool product SysMetrix. It is a rather skinnable clock that has much more features than you can think of, and these features or system statistics are displayed in pretty cool ways.

Following are some of the statistics it can monitor

Date Time CPU Usage
User Name IP Address
Machine Name Windows Uptime Phys. Mem Total
Phys. Mem Used Phys. Mem Free
Phys. Mem %Used Phys. Mem %Free Swap Mem Total
Swap Mem Used Swap Mem Free
Swap Mem %Used Swap Mem %Free Virt. Mem Total
Virt. Mem Used Virt. Mem Free
Virt. Mem %Used Virt. Mem %Free TCP Bytes In
TCP Bytes Out Tot. TCP In
Tot. TCP Out Ave. TCP In Ave. TCP Out
TCP Bytes Out Tot. Unread Email
Tot. Email Size Rotating Email Stats Recycle Bin Files
Recycle Bin Size Drive Vol Label
Drive Total Space Drive Free Space Drive Used Space
Drive %Used Drive %Free
Generic Text Mouse position Active Window
System Mute state System Volume
Microphone Volume Wave Volume MIDI Volume
CD Volume Line Volume
Pixel color Media State Media Artist
Media Track Media Track #
Media Track len Media Track pos Media Track %
Media Track remain Media Bitrate
Media Samplerate Media Channels OS Name
OS Build OS Version Info
GMT-based Times Timezone Desc. CAPS Lock
Num Lock Scroll Lock
Number of CPUs Network Connected Weather Description
Outside Temperature Dew Point
Relative Humidity Heat Index Barometric Pressure
Pressure Trend Wind Speed
Wind Direction Wind Chill Visibility
Registry Value Power Source
Battery State Battery %Used Battery %Free
Battery Time Used Battery Time Left
Battery Time Total CPU #1 MHz CPU Description
Wireless Strength Wireless SSID

Further you can skin it as you like, with lots of skins available on the SysMetrix website and also some others available on third party sites.

Where do I get this ?
SysMetrix can be downloaded form
SysMetrix skins can be downloaded from the Xymantics website or from


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