Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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DDNS is a very useful service which allows us to get a domain name mapped to our dynamic IP provided by the ISP. These days ISPs don’t provide static IP to residential homes unless demanded, and even when they do provide they do so at seriously crap rates which not many people might afford. That is where these ‘Dynamic DNS’ services come into picture.

A simple client at the server will allow the system to be mapped to a domain name, given that the server runs the software client provided by the ‘Dynamic DNS’ service provider. This has now been taken to the next step, where the Dynamic DNS account information can be provided in the router settings and it will run the client software removing the need for the server to run additional software.

This tutorial will show you how to integrate ‘Dynamic DNS’ capabilities onto a iBall Baton ADSL2+ router (iB-RL6111A).

Firstly the prerequisites, a ‘Dynamic DNS’ account with one of the many providers. I’d suggest www.dyndns.com. Register with the provider. Traditionally what you would have done is, download their client and run it every time at start up so that your IP is updated. Here we will bypass that additional step.

Navigate to your iBall Baton web interface

The ‘Dynamic DNS’ settings is in DDNS under Access management, here you enter you host-name that you have chosen while registering, your email address, the user-name and password for the ‘DynDns’ account, finally save. The dynamic IP is now automatically updated by the router itself.

When having a website or similar service running it is advised that some firewalls or intrusion detection systems are in place.


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