Saturday, August 22, 2009

Email spoofing

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Email spoofing is a term used for an activity when you send a email, which has certain information which has been modified. It certainly will be a good prank to send spoofed mails to your friends from people they admire, (like celebs) or may be something like a mail from telling them that their behavior has not been up to mark recently.

How is email spoofing done?

Spoofing an email is pretty simple; all you need to have is a mail server and a mail client which will let you edit the headers of the mail. The mail client can be skipped if you know how to connect and interact with a mail server through a terminal.

I'd suggest MiniRelay from Netvicious you can download it from here; or Free SMTP server by Softstack from here.

You could use Quick Mailer as you email client, download quick mailer from here.

Now start Minirelay, minimize it to the taskbar, start Quick Mailer and configure it from the preferences menu under File, to use 'localhost' as outgoing server port number '25' and no authentication. Now type in the required fields, i.e. the 'to' field (compulsory), the 'from' field (compulsory), the 'subject' field (optional), and attach any files (optional), and now send this mail.

To the receiver the senders email will look just as you typed, regardless of the ownership of the email address.


Sometimes the recipients email provider refuses to accept emails originating from dynamic IP addresses, if this is the case you can try to use free proxies found on the net, but make sure that they support SMTP proxy and not just HTTP proxy. Or you could try by using Proxy Helpers


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