Monday, January 26, 2009


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Many of us have LAN's at home, some even have LANs covering a very large area in which a lot of machines are covered. Now when you may want to communicate with your friends on LAN or transfer some files here and there or just chat to throw that boredom away, what software do you use ?

I've got many answers from friends when I asked them the same question. The answers varied from Windows Netmeeting, some server based chat tools & some talked about a messenger called IPMSG ( You would be surprised by the features of this program made by H.Shirouzu

  • Does not require a server machine.
  • Simple, lightweight and compact size.
  • Based on TCP/IP(UDP).
  • Pop-up style messenger for multiple platforms.
  • Very fast file folder transfer.
  • RSA / Blowfish encryption of communicating data.
  • Host name support on broadcast setup.
  • Specifying NIC extension.
  • Absence message support.
  • Multicast support.
  • Command line message supprt.

Even if a newbie uses this, it won't take him / her long to get use to this messenger. My first day of using this was superb, then I decided to switch to IP messenger from Windows Netmeeting. The best feature I found in IP Messenger is that, if you are busy with some work and you don't want any kind of disturbance, you can turn on the absence feature and put any message for any one who might message you. When this is active, and if anyone messages you they will get the message that you had set before, and you will also not be disturbed by getting a pop-up. Instead if will remain in your taskbar till you click on the IPMSG icon. The best part is that you get all this in just 103kb (ipmsg version 2.06).Moreover the commandline support allows you to send messages via a batch file.

You might also want to try this software. Just go to and download yourself a copy of this tool now, latest stable version as of now for Windows is version 2.06 and a beta version 2.50 is out now.

Command-line examples:
C:\>ipmsg.exe /SEAL /MSG Hey ... ssup ??
C:\>ipmsg.exe /SEAL /LOG goin to gamedrome today ??


Achal Saraiya said...

can we send file via ipmsg.exe using command prompt?

Colin said...

Nope, not possible yet.

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