Tuesday, January 27, 2009

IP Spammer

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In my last post (and also my first since I started writing this blog) I mentioned about IPMSG. Since I started using this very useful chat client for LANs, I decided to make some programs that let you do more with it.

The first being a Spammer, I like to call it "IP Spammer".

I started off by making use of the command-line support IPMSG has and using batch files to send continuous messages, thus making a spammer.

The command-line arguments for IPMSG are
"ipmsg [/msg] [/seal] ip_address message"
note:-[/seal] is not necessary.

Now use a for loop in a batch file to continuously send messages to any Ip Address in your LAN.

I am giving the coding I wrote to make this Spammer.

Start of code:

  1. @echo off
  2. SET /P ipaddr=IP Address:
  3. SET /P messge=Message:
  4. SET /P no=Number of messages:
  5. echo Transmitting messages...
  6. if "%ipaddr%" == "" goto :warn
  7. for /l %%X in (1,1,%no%) do (ipmsg.exe /MSG /SEAL %ipaddr% %messge% ----- Spammer made by prixti)& echo %%X
  8. goto :end
  9. :warn
  10. for /l %%X in (1,1,1) do (ipmsg.exe /MSG /SEAL %ipaddr% Spam Detected) & echo %%X
  11. :end

End of Code

In this I have also made it in such a way that no one can spam my own IP address. This can be modified by you in line 6. When someone tries to spam you, you will simply get a warning message stating "Spam Detected".

(It may be possible, that the same code or program may be found anywhere on the Internet.)


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