Tuesday, November 10, 2009

FGLRX driver problem in Ubuntu

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After successfully in getting my ATI/AMD FGLRX drivers on Ubuntu 9.10, I'm finally loving the visual effects.

Earlier whenever I tried to install the drivers from, System>>Administration>>Hardware drivers; the installation of the driver would be successful, but my screen would keep flickering, as if it were some CRT screen being disturbed by radio frequencies.

I decided to try and install the FGLRX drivers one last time, I encountered the usual flickering which, not surprising now, vanished when I changed the refresh rate, from the default 75Hz to 50Hz.

So if any of you are facing flickering after you have installed your drivers and rebooted, try fiddlng with the refresh rate.

Another workaround that has worked for a few Nvidia Cards is to disable Compiz, from System>>Prefrences>>Appearence and in the Visual Effects, select the 'None' option. A restart will resolve this problem.

The last solution I have found to this after scourging the net for hours is to edit the 'xorg.conf'in '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'; which I will be posting later.


roh said...

you post on this blog from Linux?

Colin said...

yeah .... i dont use any other OS now. Why do you ask?

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